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(Industrial smog) is a haze formed when sunlight acts on air pollutants
a) True
b) False; Photochemical smog
c) False; air pollution
d) False; emission

(Lead) can bond to hemoglobin and therefor deprive the body of oxygen.
a) True
b) False; chloroflourocarbon
c) False; carbon monoxide
d) False; sulfuric acid

As a result of the (Montreal Protocol), manufacture of CFCs has falled dramatically
a) True
b) False; Clean Air Act
c) False; catalytic converter
d) False; scrubber

Why is the temperature in the upper stratosphere higher than the temperature in the lower stratosphere
a) because cold air contains less density
b) ozone gas absorbs and scatter's the sun's UV rays
c) the weather on earth prevents cool air to reach the top
d) ozone is in the mesosphere

If people are exposed over and over to air pollution, they may develop all of the following harmful respiratory conditions, EXCEPT
a) asthma
b) bronchitis
c) emphysema
d) Encephalitis

The Clean Air Act put in place the use of a device in motor vehicles that reduces the amount of air pollutants in emissions called
a) scrubber
b) catalytic converter
c) muffler
d) exhaust manifold

In the 1970s and 1980s, CFCs were manufactured in large amounts. Which of the following is NOT an object that contains CFCs
a) hair spray can
b) refrigerator
c) microwave
d) spray paint

How does heat travel from the sun to the earth?
a) radiation
b) convection
c) conduction
d) convection currents

Which layer of the atmosphere produces the aurora borealis?
a) troposphere
b) mesosphere
c) stratosphere
d) thermosphere

In which layer is the ozone layer found?
a) troposphere
b) stratosphere
c) mesosphere
d) thermosphere

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