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Linnaues used similarities in (stucture) to determine relationships among organisms
a) True
b) False; habitat
c) False; nutrition
d) False; behavior

Streptococcus, a types of bateria that causes strep throat, is classified in the Kingdom (Portista)
a) True
b) False; Eubacteria
c) False; Archeabacteria
d) False; Fungi

When organisms are classified within the same group, it can assumed that they have a common (phylogeny)
a) True
b) False; species
c) False; family
d) False; genus

In a fan diagram, the closer a species is to the outer band, the (earlier) it appeared in geological time
a) True
b) False; faster
c) False; later
d) False; slower

A (dichotomous key) is a step-by-step way to identify an organism using a series of pair descriptions
a) True
b) False; fan diagram
c) cladistics
d) binomial nomenclature

In the name of the white oak, Quercus alba, Quercues is the (species) name
a) True
b) False; genus
c) False; class
d) False; family

Organisms that are similar in structure and form and successfully reproduce among themselves belong to the same (family)
a) True
b) False; class
c) False; phylum
d) False; species

The greater the number of taxa two organisms have in common, the (more closely) related they are
a) True
b) False; less closely
c) False; less likely
d) False; lower

In Aristotle's system of classification, animals were classified on the basis of their (size and structure)
a) True
b) False; habitat and physical differences
c) False; nutrition and behavior
d) False; cell types

A group of related genera
a) bacteria
b) family
c) class
d) genus

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