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The evolutionary history of a species is its_________
a) biodiversity
b) phylogeny
c) extinction
d) taxonomy

A system for naming species in which two words are used to name an organism is _____
a) binomial nomenclature
b) dichotomous keying
c) cladistics
d) fan diagramming

The placing of information or objects into objects into groups based on certain similarities is ________
a) biochemical analysis
b) classification
c) phylogeny
d) speciation

A heterotrophic eukaryote associated with the decomposistion of dead organisms is a(n) ___________
a) bacterium
b) herbivore
c) fungus
d) protist

A group of related classes of plants is a __________
a) database
b) kingdom
c) division
d) taxon

The science of grouping and naming organisms is __________
a) classification
b) phylogeny
c) nomenclature
d) taxonomy

The method used to construct a hypothetical evolutionary tree is ____________
a) biochemistry
b) cladistics
c) DNA sequencing
d) statistical analysis

Biologists use _________ to create a cladogram
a) derived traits
b) behavioral
c) discretionary
d) pedigrees

A group of related families is called
a) phylum
b) order
c) protist
d) kingdom

A group of related classes is called
a) phylum
b) order
c) family
d) kingdom

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