Unit 4 Practice Question Preview (ID: 57225)

Routine Actions. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

My sister ________ at 8 o'clock
a) get up
b) gets up
c) up
d) got up

At 12 o'clock I eat ...
a) lunch
b) dinner
c) breakfast
d) tea

After school Thomas...
a) Watched TV
b) TV
c) Watch TV
d) Watches TV

My mother ______ at 12 o'clock
a) eat lunch
b) eats lunch
c) lunch
d) lunches

I don't like watching TV. After school I __________
a) TV
b) doesn't watch TV
c) watch TV
d) don't watch TV

My sister ______ at 4 o'clock
a) dance classes
b) go to dance classes
c) goes to dance classes
d) classes

My brother _________ at 3 o'clock
a) go to the park
b) goes to the park
c) went to the park
d) to the park

I don't like reading. After school I _________
a) read a book
b) don't read a book
c) book
d) books

At night I...
a) go to bed
b) get up
c) eat breakfast
d) run in the park

Sara ________ at night
a) eats dinner
b) eat dinner
c) eat breakfast
d) eat lunch

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