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Students Will Demonstrate Mastery Of Graphing Linear Functions By Determining Which Answer Choice Is Not True. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which NOT true about the graph?

a) x-intercept is 4
b) y-intercept is 4
c) x-intercept is 2
d) y-intercept is 4

Which lines are perpendicular?

a) lines 1 and 2
b) lines 3 and 4
c) lines 2 and 4
d) lines 1 and 3

Which is NOT true about the graph?

a) y-intercept is 2
b) the x-intercept is 4
c) the slope is 1/2
d) f(x)=-1/2x+2

A family membership at a swimming pool costs a flat fee of $100, plus $50 per person. If c stands for the membership cost and n stands for the number of people, then the what is membership cost for a family of 5 is?
a) $500
b) $250
c) $350
d) $750

Which of these points does NOT lie on the graph of y=-3x-4
a) (0,4)
b) (1, -1)
c) (-1,-1)
d) (-2,2)

Which is NOT true about this linear function?

a) y-intercept is 0
b) the slope is positive
c) rise over run is -5/3
d) rise over run is 5/3

Which is true about this function?

a) The slope is 0
b) The slope is undefined
c) The slope is 1
d) There is no slope

For the line with the equation y = −2x + 1 which is not true
a) m=-2
b) m=-2
c) y-intercept is 2
d) none of the above

Which is true about the slope of a line that passes through the points (-4,3) and (6,-2)?
a) The slope is -4.
b) The equation of the line is y=-2x+10.
c) The rise over run is 2/1.
d) The slope is -2.

Select the lie about the graph.

a) f(x)=2x+2
b) y=2x+1
c) m=-2
d) x-intercept= -2

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