Unit 1 Characteristics Of Life And Classification Vocabulary Question Preview (ID: 57161)

Vocabulary Words Associated With Characteristics Of Life And Classification Of Organism.

An aid or tool used to identify an organism
a) Classification
b) Taxonomy
c) Dichotomous Key
d) Homeostasis

Living things made up of more than one cell
a) Classification
b) Unicellular
c) Prokaryotic
d) Multicellular

Living things made of one cell
a) Unicellular
b) Multicellular
c) Homeostasis
d) Eukaryote

An organism that has to obtain food from an outside source for energy
a) Heterotroph
b) Autotroph
c) Eukaryote
d) Taxonomy

Organizing organisms into groups based on similar characteristics.
a) Dichotomous Key
b) Homeostasis
c) Classification
d) Reproduction

Non living parts of the environment
a) bitotic
b) abiotic
c) reproduction
d) unicelluar

An organism whose cells have a nucleus
a) metabolism
b) homeostasis
c) prokarytotic
d) eukarytotic

An organism that is able to produce its own food to use for energy.
a) Heterotroph
b) Autotroph
c) Metabolism
d) Stimulus

The smallest level of classification, these organisms can have offspring with others.
a) Species
b) Metabolism
c) Reproduction
d) Taxonomy

Living parts of the environment
a) abiotic
b) Stimulus
c) response
d) biotic

An organism trying to maintain stable internal conditions
a) homeostasis
b) prokaryote
c) reproduction
d) metabolism

An organism whose cells do not contain a nucleus
a) Eukcaryote
b) Prokaryote
c) Multicellular
d) Dichotomous Key

The science of naming and classifying organisms
a) species
b) classification
c) taxonomy
d) reproduction

The process that organisms use to break down food into energy.
a) abiotic
b) repsonse
c) homeostasis
d) metabolism

Something that causes a reaction is called a __________________.
a) stimulus
b) abiotic
c) autotroph
d) homeostasis

A reaction to a stimulus is called ______________.
a) species
b) metabolism
c) response
d) heterotroph

Process that creates new organisms.
a) stimulus
b) reproduction
c) eukarytote
d) biotic

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