8th Gr. Georgia GA Studies Regions Review Question Preview (ID: 57142)


The Savannah River forms a border between Georgia and _________
a) Alabama
b) South Carolina
c) Florida
d) North Carolina

The Chattahoochee River forms the border between Georgia and ______.
a) Atlanta
b) Florida
c) Alabama
d) South Carolina

The Fall Line separates these two regions...
a) Piedmont and Blue Ridge
b) Piedmont and Coastal Plain
c) Valley Ridge and Piedmont
d) Appalachian Plateau and Coastal Plain

This region has flat top mountains and narrow valleys...
a) Appalachian Plateau
b) Coastal Plain
c) Valley and Ridge
d) Piedmont

Which is the smallest geographic region?
a) Valley and Ridge
b) Coastal Plain
c) Piedmont
d) Appalachian Plateau

This region is mostly FLAT land...
a) Piedmont
b) Appalachian Plateau
c) Coastal Plain
d) Valley and Ridge

Which is the largest geographic region?
a) Appalachian Plateau
b) Piedmont
c) Valley and Ridge
d) Coastal Plain

Which region is in the northwest corner?
a) Coastal Plain
b) Piedmont
c) Appalachian Plateau
d) Valley and Ridge

Georgia is in the ________ hemisphere
a) Eastern Hemishpere
b) Western Hemisphere

Our largest population is located in this region...l
a) Coastal Plain
b) Appalachian Plateau
c) Piedmont
d) Valley and Ridge

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