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Geography Essential Skills.

A map that shows mountains, hills, plains, rivers, lakes, oceans, etc.
a) Physical Map
b) Political Map
c) Area Map
d) Historical Map

What is an economic map
a) a map that shows resources and economic activity
b) a map that shows climate
c) a map that shows roads
d) a map that shows physical features

What is elevation?
a) How high above sea level the land is
b) How high the land is above mountain level
c) How low the land is
d) How many elevators there are

How many continents are there?
a) 7
b) 6
c) 5
d) 4

What is the age you can be expected to live to in an area?
a) Life Expectancy
b) Birth Rate
c) Population
d) Death Rate

What are the cardinal directions
a) North, South, East, West
b) North, South, Up, Down
c) Left, Right, Up, Down
d) East, West, Left, Ride

What is a Hemisphere
a) Half of the globe
b) Half of the continent
c) Half of the Country
d) Half of the state

What is weather over time?
a) Climate
b) Population
c) Rainfall
d) Precipitation

Which of these is a physical feature
a) Mountain
b) People
c) Country
d) County

What does the compass rose show
a) direction
b) distance
c) symbols
d) topic

What should you look at first on a map
a) the title
b) the compass
c) the key
d) the scale

What is density
a) something that is heavy or tightly packed
b) something that is light or spread out
c) something there is not much of
d) something there is a little of

What is population?
a) The number of people in an area
b) The amount of rain in an area
c) The number of animals in an area
d) The number of cities in an area

What does the scale show?
a) Direction
b) Distance
c) Symbols
d) topic

What is a map key also called?
a) Legend
b) Compass
c) Scale
d) Title

What is the map Key
a) The map key explains symbols on a map
b) the map key shows distance on a map
c) the map key shows direction on a map
d) the map key shows the topic of a map

a map that shows the names and borders of countries
a) Political Map
b) Map Map
c) Physical Map
d) the map key shows the topic of a map

Which Direction points up?
a) North
b) South
c) East
d) West

Which direction points down?
a) South
b) North
c) East
d) West

Which direction points left
a) West
b) East
c) North
d) South

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