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Which below is NOT a state of matter?
a) liquid
b) water
c) solid
d) plasma

Which state of matter is found in stars and has electron-less atoms?
a) Liquid
b) Gas
c) Solid
d) Plasma

Which state(s) of matter below has no definite shape?
a) A. Solid
b) B. Liquid
c) C. Gas
d) D. both A and B

Which below has both a definite shape and volume?
a) A. solid
b) B. gas
c) C. plasma
d) D. both A and B

Which below best describes the Bose-Einstein condensate state of matter?
a) found at super-high temperatures and has a definite shape
b) occurs at extremely low temperatures and causes atoms to function as a single particle
c) an ice cube in a glass of soda is an example
d) the desk sitting in your science classroom is an example

Gallium is a metal that will melt when exposed to the heat of your hand. The state of matter change Gallium undergoes is
a) solid to a gas
b) solid to a liquid
c) liquid to a gas
d) gas to a solid

Water droplets forms on a cold glass of ice tea. What state of matter WAS the water before if formed on the glass and where did it come from?
a) It was a liquid that leaked through the glass.
b) It was a gas in the air.
c) It was a solid in the ice cube and teleported onto the side of the glass and became a liquid.
d) NONE of these answers are correct.

Which state of matter below lacks both a definite shape and definite volume?
a) gas
b) liquid
c) solid
d) ALL of the answers are correct

Which of the following would take up the entire shape of the container it is enclosed within?
a) A. solid
b) B. liquid
c) C. gas
d) D. both B and C

Water freezes. What occurs?
a) Water changes from a gas to a liquid state.
b) Water changes from an isotope to a plasma state.
c) Water changes from a solid to a gas state.
d) Water changes from a liquid to a solid state.

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