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After an event, one should evaluate the indicators of success or failure using SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for:
a) Stamina, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
b) Stamina, weaknesses, overlooks and tallies.
c) Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
d) Strengths, weaknesses, overlooks and tallies

What is a component of an event?
a) Each event requires unique planning because no two events are alike.
b) Each person involved works independently with no collaboration
c) Event planning guarantees success.
d) Unsold tickets can be sold later at the same price.

Division of revenues should be determined during which stage of creating an event management plan?
a) Evaluating the event
b) Negotiating the contract for the event
c) Reconciling expenses and revenues consistent with the contract
d) Staging the event

Financial risks include
a) amusement
b) entertainment
c) information overload
d) unpredicted expenses

An event manager must guarantee that the correct people have access to explicit locations in case of emergencies during which stage of an event management plan?
a) Coordinating the event
b) Negotiating the contract for the event
c) Scheduling the event
d) Staging the event

What is the name of the alcohol education program for servers, sellers and consumers of alcohol offered by Health Communications, Inc.?
d) AAA

A columnist for the local paper attends a play at the local high school and writes a favorable review encouraging the community to attend the play. This is a(n):
a) opportunity
b) strength
c) threat
d) weakness

What kind of preparation is necessary for a successful event?
a) careful
b) careless
c) quick
d) unpredictable

Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management (TEAM) requires:
a) A continuation of alcohol sales throughout the event.
b) No alcohol sales during the event.
c) Some alcohol sales during the event.
d) The elimination of alcohol sales after a set time.

The event manager must motivate diverse people to reach a common goal. This is an example of which skill?
a) accountability
b) problem-solving
c) responsibility
d) teamwork

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