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A setting is...
a) when and where the story takes place
b) where the story takes place
c) when the story takes place
d) the background of a picture

Theme is...
a) What the story is about
b) What the characters do
c) The author\\\'s message to the reader about life
d) How the setting affects the characters

Internal conflict is...
a) Character vs. Character
b) Character vs. Nature
c) Character vs. Mom
d) Character vs. Self

A conflict is...
a) A problem or struggle
b) A mental breakdown
c) A test
d) A play

Foreshadowing is...
a) When a character sees his shadow
b) When a writer provides clues about what will happen later in the story
c) When you think back to an earlier time
d) When a character has a conflict

An exposition shows...
a) A surprise twist
b) The most exciting part of the story
c) the tension leading up to the climax
d) The setting, characters and the start of the conflict

The climax is
a) Where the tension eases
b) Where you introduce the characters
c) The most exciting part of the story
d) The top of the rollercoaster

Metaphor is...
a) A comparison of two things using like or as
b) The rainbow
c) An exaggeration
d) A comparison of two things not using like or as

An example of onomatopoeia is...
a) Twinkle
b) Sparkle
c) Snow
d) Crunch

Author's purpose is...
a) Why the author wrote the piece
b) The author's name
c) How the author wrote
d) When the author wrote

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