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The ratio of an object's mass to its volume is called
a) weight
b) pressure
c) density
d) area

The amount of SPACE an object occupies with its matter is that object's
a) density
b) volume
c) area
d) mass

The FORCE exerted over a given AREA is called
a) density
b) mass
c) volume
d) pressure

The more atoms of a air you can stuff into a given volume ...
a) ...the less dense that air becomes.
b) ...the less pressure is exerted on the air's container.
c) ...the more pressure is exerted on the air's container.
d) ...will cause the temperature of the air to decrease.

Two containers (R & S) have the same number of gas atoms and the same temperature. Container R has a volume of 6 liters. Container S has a volume of 2 liters. The PRESSURE in container S
a) is triple the pressure of container R.
b) is equal to container R.
c) is less than the pressure in container R.
d) doesn't exist. There is no pressure.

Helium is used in balloons to make them float. Which below is TRUE?
a) Air is more dense than helium.
b) Air weighs less than the helium in the balloon.
c) The helium in the balloon is pushing off the ground and makes the balloon go up.
d) Helium is less dense than air.

An iceberg is dead ahead of the Titanic. Why is the iceberg on the ocean's surface?
a) The iceberg has air bubbles in it and makes it float.
b) Ice is more dense than water.
c) Water has a higher density than ice. Water expands as it turns to ice and lowers its density.
d) Liquid water takes up more volume than frozen ice does, duh. Weren't you paying attention in science class?

Which factors below affect the pressure of an enclosed gas?
a) temperature
b) volume
c) number of gas particles
d) ALL of these affect pressure

Increasing which variable would DECREASE the pressure of an enclosed gas?
a) temperature
b) volume
c) number of particles
d) boiling point

Mercury is more dense than water. Which statement below is TRUE?
a) Mercury would float in water.
b) 5 mL of water has the same density as 5 mL of mercury.
c) 10 g of mercury has the same volume as 10 g of water.
d) Mercury would sink in water.

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