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The psychrometer is used to measure humidity. It does this by recording
a) the amount of water vapor in the air.
b) the elevation of clouds in the atmosphere.
c) the rate at which water flows through air.
d) the changing pressure of the air.

A weather vane is only used to show the direction that the wind is blowing. You would need to use an anemometer if you wanted to know the
a) wind speed
b) air temperature
c) air pressure
d) wind elevation

If a thermometer shows that it is below freezing, then a meteorologist might predict a snow storm if
a) the barometer shows a drop in the air pressure.
b) the barometer shows that the air pressure is 0.
c) the barometer is unable to make an accurate reading of the air pressure.
d) the barometer shows a rise in the air pressure.

Clouds form as warm air rises, expands, cools, and becomes saturated, and then ____ condense(s) into tiny drops, which collect.
a) water vapor
b) snowflakes
c) smog
d) smoke

Low, layered gray clouds that produce light precipitation are ____ clouds.
a) stratus
b) cumulus
c) nimbus
d) cirrus

A(n) ____ is a large body of air that has the same properties as the Earth's surface over which it develops.
a) air mass
b) cloud
c) tornado
d) front

Which of the following best describes a cold front?
a) A rapidly moving cold air mass runs into a slow moving warm air mass.
b) A warm air mass collides with and gradually rides over the top of a cold air mass.
c) A warm air mass and a cold air mass meet and no movement occcurs.
d) None of the above

What type of weather is generally associated with a high pressure system?
a) clear and calm
b) cloudy and stormy
c) high temperatures
d) cooler temperatures

Which of the following best describes a hurricane?
a) a large, swirling low pressure system that forms over the warm Atlantic Ocean
b) a winter storm with winds at least 56 km/h and low visibility
c) a violently rotating column of air in contact with the ground
d) a boundary between two air masses of different density, moisture, or temperature

Any form of water that falls from clouds is called
a) precipitation
b) transpiration
c) evaporation
d) condensation

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