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When did the Fredonians give up and flee the country?
a) When both the Mexican army and the militia led by S.A. Austin approached
b) When local officials obtained an exemption from the decree for Texas
c) When Mexican troops were sent to enforce the new trade and immigration laws
d) When the Mexican troops left the Anahuac region to rejoin the civil war in Mexico

What was Mexican General Manuel de Mier y Teran most alarmed by?
a) The Fredonian Rebellion
b) The duties on goods
c) The growing American influence, especially in East Texas
d) The government in Mexico

What did Stephen F. Austin do after the passage of the Law of April 6, 1830?
a) Gave up and moved to Texas
b) Stopped supporting the Mexican government
c) Started opposing the restrictions on U.S. immigration
d) Tried to continue supporting the Mexican government and encouraged settlers to obey the law

What was the earliest conflict between U.S. settlers and government in Texas?
a) Freedom Rebellion
b) Battle of Velasco
c) the issue of land titles
d) Too much American influence in Texas

Who instigated the Fredoina Rebellion?
a) George Fisher
b) Juan Davis Bradburn
c) Haden Edwards' brother, Benjamin
d) John Austin

Why was Mier y Teran sent by the Mexican government?
a) To settle land issues
b) To tour Texas and report on conditions there
c) To bring Catholics to Mexico
d) To take over Texas

What did Mier y Teran fear?
a) That Texas would take over Mexico
b) A ban on slavery
c) Too much American influence in Texas
d) Texas charging customs duties

Although Mexico banned slavery in 1829, what did local officials obtain?
a) Local officials obtained an exemption from the decree for Texas
b) Local officials obtained secret slaves
c) Local officials obtained land
d) Local officials obtained an exemption on customs duties

While Mexico hoped to bring new Catholics to Texas under the Law of April 6, 1830, what else did it hope to do?
a) Bring Catholics from the U.S.
b) Bring Catholics from Europe and Mexico, not the U.S.
c) Charge Catholics customs duties
d) ban slavery

What did Mexico begin to charge custom duties on?
a) On goods coming from the U.S. to Texas
b) On goods coming from Europe to Mexico
c) On goods coming from Canada to U.S.
d) On goods coming from Texas to Mexico

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