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Who was the American settler who was made customs inspector at Anahuac by Mexico?
a) Haden Edwards' brother, Benjamin
b) George Fisher
c) Stephen F Austin
d) Simon Bolivar

What banned U.S. immigration and the import of any more slaves to Texas?
a) Convention of 1832
b) The Fredonian Rebellion
c) Law of April 6, 1830
d) Convention of 1833

Which convention asked Austin to present its case to Mexico City?
a) Convention of 1832
b) Convention of 1829
c) Convention of 1830
d) Convention of 1833

Name the battle that settlers started and won, unaware that the conflict at Anahuac was over.
a) Fredonian Rebellion
b) Battle of Velasco
c) Battle of Mexico City
d) Battle of Turtle Bayou

What are taxes on imports called?
a) Customs duties
b) tarriffs
c) decree
d) resolutions

What are statements that express opinions called?
a) decree
b) reform
c) resolutions
d) faction

What is an official order referred to as?
a) resolution
b) law
c) reform
d) decree

Who was the leader in the Convention of 1832?
a) George Fisher
b) William H. Wharton
c) William B Travis
d) John Austin

How did Texans feel towards the Mexican government in the late 1820's
a) They did not like the government of Mexico
b) They supported the government of Mexico
c) They did not care one way or another about the government of Mexico
d) They did not support the government of Mexico

What was one of the eariliest rebellions in Texas about?
a) The issue of food
b) The issue of government
c) The issue of land titles
d) The issue of war

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