June 2021 (v202) Earth Science Regents Questions 31-40 Question Preview (ID: 56879)

Use Your Knowledge Of Earth Science To Answer All Questions In The Data Set. You Will Need Your Earth Science Reference Tables And A Calculator To Answer Some Of The Questions. Good Luck. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Heavy rains occur in Cambodia and Thailand when the moist air brought by the monsoon

a) rises, expands, and cools
b) rises, contracts, and warms
c) sinks, expands, and cools
d) sinks, contracts, and warms

Two major greenhouse gases that absorb outgoing long-wave radiation within the atmosphere are

a) methane and oxygen
b) methane and carbon dioxide
c) nitrogen and oxygen
d) nitrogen and carbon dioxide

Which color and texture of Earth materials absorbs the greatest amount of short-wave radiation from the Sun?

a) light color and smooth texture
b) light color and rough texture
c) dark color and smooth texture
d) dark color and rough texture

The arrangement and movement of celestial objects in our solar system is best described by the

a) spiral model
b) cosmic model
c) geocentric model
d) heliocentric model

Which condition would produce an orbit with a greater eccentricity?

a) a decrease in the distance between the Sun and F2
b) an increase in the distance between the Sun and F2
c) a constant decrease in the orbital velocity of the planet
d) a constant increase in the orbital velocity of the planet

Scoria is a type of rock that forms most directly from the process of
a) solidification
b) cementation
c) erosion
d) metamorphism

The element silicon (Si) is used in the production of cell phones. Which mineral could be a possible source of this silicon?
a) calcite
b) galena
c) halite
d) quartz

Which map shows the stream pattern that probably formed on the surface of this landscape?

a) dentritic
b) trellis
c) angular
d) parallel

Which two New York State locations have surface bedrock of similar ages?
a) Mt. Marcy and Slide Mt.
b) Buffalo and Rochester
c) Old Forge and Niagara Falls
d) Watertown and Albany

These bodies of water are known as
a) finger lakes
b) kettle lakes
c) tributaries
d) watersheds

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