June 2021 (v202) Earth Science Regents Questions 21-30 Question Preview (ID: 56878)

Use Your Knowledge Of Earth Science To Answer All Questions In The Data Set. You Will Need Your Earth Science Reference Tables And A Calculator To Answer Some Of The Questions. Good Luck. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which table correctly matches the average density and composition of continental and oceanic crusts?

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

The San Andreas Fault is an example of a

a) transform plate boundary
b) divergent plate boundary
c) convergent plate boundary
d) complex plate boundary

An island arc is located near the boundary between which two tectonic plates?

a) Antarctic Plate and Indian–Australian Plate
b) Philippine Plate and Eurasian Plate
c) African Plate and North American Plate
d) Scotia Plate and South American Plate

The first S-wave reaches a seismic station 22 minutes after an earthquake occurred. How long did it take the first P-wave to reach the same seismic station?
a) 8 minutes 50 seconds
b) 10 minutes 00 seconds
c) 12 minutes 00 seconds
d) 12 minutes 50 seconds

Which box best represents the ratio of these atoms at two half-lives?

a) a box filled with ZERO disintegrated atoms
b) a box 1/4 filled with disintegrated atoms
c) a box 3/4 filled with disintegrated atoms
d) a box COMPLETLY filled with disintegrated atoms

Approximately how many million years ago (mya) was the amount of Earth’s total landmass located south of the equator the greatest?
a) 119 mya
b) 232 mya
c) 359 mya
d) 458 mya

Which layer of Earth’s interior is inferred to be composed of solid iron and nickel?
a) asthenosphere
b) stiffer mantle
c) outer core
d) inner core

Foraminiferid shells found in layer X most likely coiled to the

a) right, because water temperatures were cool
b) right, because water temperatures were warm
c) left, because water temperatures were cool
d) left, because water temperatures were warm

The inclusions were most likely broken off from their original rock layers

a) at the same time as the intrusion of magma
b) at the same time as the crystallization of magma
c) before the formation of sandstone
d) before the formation of limestone

What is the minimum stream velocity necessary to transport a quartz particle that is 0.1 centimeter in diameter in a stream?
a) 0.05 cm/s
b) 0.5 cm/s
c) 5.0 cm/s
d) 50.0 cm/s

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