August 2019 Living Environment Regents Questions 21-30 Question Preview (ID: 56860)

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The use of solar panels has increased in the last ten years. A benefit of using solar energy would include
a) adding more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere
b) using less fossil fuel to meet energy needs
c) using a nonrenewable source of energy
d) releasing more gases for photosynthesis

For these microorganisms, the wastewater facility serves as
a) its carrying capacity
b) a food chain
c) an ecosystem
d) an energy pyramid

The type of organic molecule that is being synthesized is

a) DNA
b) starch
c) protein
d) fat

The governments of many countries have regulations that are designed to prevent the accidental introduction of nonnative insects into their countries. This is because, in these new habitats, the nonnative insects might
a) become food for birds
b) not survive a cold winter
c) not have natural predators
d) add to the biodiversity

The process of transferring energy during respiration occurs in a series of steps. This prevents too much heat from being released at one time. Maintaining an appropriate temperature is beneficial to an organism because
a) enzymes need a proper range of temperatures to catalyze vital reactions
b) cellular waste products can only be excreted in cooler temperatures
c) hormones can only produce antibodies if temperatures are not excessive
d) nutrients diffuse faster into cells when temperatures are lower

The prevention of browning is likely the result of
a) increasing the concentration of enzymes
b) increasing the temperature
c) slowing the rate of enzyme action
d) maintaining the pH

In the presence of a higher amount of estrogen, it would be most likely that
a) fewer males would be found because they are much larger and fewer are produced
b) fewer females would be found because they are more sensitive to pesticides
c) more males would be found because estrogen promotes the development of male characteristics
d) more females would be found because estrogen promotes the development of female characteristics

Which action could humans take to slow the rate of global warming?
a) Cut down trees for more efficient land use.
b) Increase the consumption of petroleum products.
c) Use alternate sources of energy such as wind.
d) Reduce the use of fuel-efficient automobiles.

The role of antibodies in the human body is to
a) stimulate pathogen reproduction to produce additional white blood cells
b) increase the production of guard cells to defend against pathogens
c) promote the production of antigens to stimulate an immune response
d) recognize foreign antigens and mark them for destruction

Which statement is an accurate observation that can be made based on this trail of footprints?

a) The individuals were running from a predator.
b) The volcano was about to erupt again.
c) One individual was much taller than the other.
d) One individual had larger feet than the other.

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