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Which of the following is the best description of the model of the atom.
a) a central nucleus with orbiting electrons.
b) Material with positive and negative charges on its surface.
c) A positive nucleus with negative electrons in energy levels.
d) a mass of positive charge with negative electrons stuck throughout it.

What particles make up the atomic nucleus?
a) electrons
b) protons and neutrons
c) neutrons
d) protons

Which statement about the relative number of subatomic particles in an atom is always true?
a) The mass number is equal to the total number of protons and electrons.
b) The number of neutrons is equal to the mass number of an atom.
c) The atomic number is equal to the number of protons
d) The number of electrons equals the number of neutrons in a neutral atom.

In which part of an atom is most of the mass located?
a) the nucleus
b) the energy levels surrounding the nucleus
c) the protons
d) the electrons

What is the mass number of an atom with 6 protons and 7 neutrons.
a) 7
b) 0.86 amu
c) 13
d) 6

Which of the following symbols represents the element with an atomic number of 14?
a) C
b) Si
c) Ni
d) N

How many electrons does an atom have if the mass number is 15 and the number of neutrons is 7?
a) 8
b) 15
c) 22
d) 7

Which statement about elements and their relationship in the periodic table is true?
a) Chlorine and iodine are alkali metals
b) Boron and silicon are in the same period
c) Calcium and magnesium are alkaline-earth metals
d) Potassium and phosphorus are in the same group

Who discovered that neutrons were part of the atom?
a) Dalton
b) Rutherford
c) Bohr
d) Chadwick

Who discovered that electrons were part of the atom?
a) Dalton
b) Democritus
c) Mendeleev
d) Faraday

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