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Name the layers of the sun in order from inner most to outer most
a) radiation zone, convection zone, core
b) core, convection zone, radiation zone
c) photosphere, corona, radiation zone
d) core, radiation zone, convection zone

This is the most dense layer of the sun?
a) core
b) radiation zone
c) convection zone
d) photosphere

This is the layer of the sun that we see?
a) core
b) radiation zone
c) corona
d) photosphere

These two layers of the Sun's atmosphere can only be seen during a solar eclipse
a) core, convection zone
b) photosphere corona
c) corona, chromosphere
d) chromosphere, radiation zone

This layer produces all the suns energy
a) Core
b) Radiation Zone
c) Convection Zone
d) Photosphere

This process produces the Sun's energy
a) Nuclear Fission
b) Nuclear Fusion
c) Photosynthesis
d) Eating

How much mass of the solar system does the Sun account for?
a) 99%
b) 99.8%
c) 100%
d) 80%

Sunspots are darker than the rest of the sun because...
a) they are warmer spots of gas
b) they are cooler spots of gas
c) they are mini black holes
d) they are made up of a different gas

The Sun is made up of
a) 1/4 hydrogen and 3/4 helium
b) 3/4 oxygen and 1/4 helium
c) 3/4 hydrogen and 1/4 helium
d) 1/4 oxygen and 3/4 hydrogen

When there is an increase in magnetic energy caused by these, parts of Earth see the northern lights
a) prominences
b) solar flares
c) sunspots
d) eclipses

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