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The sun appears to set in the
a) West
b) East
c) North
d) South

During a lunar eclipse of the moon, the moon is
a) In Earth's umbra
b) In Earth's penumbra
c) Between the Earth and the Sun
d) Casting a shadow on Earth

During a solar eclipse the moon is
a) In a third quarter phase
b) In a full moon phase
c) Between earth and the sun
d) Behind the Earth

The Earth's axis being tilted towards or away from the sun is the cause of
a) Different Seasons
b) Day and Night
c) Evening Twilight
d) Lightening Storms

Which observation is a direct result of the 23 and a half tilt of Earth's axis as Earth orbits the Sun?
a) Locations on Earth's Equator recieve 12 hours of daylight every day
b) The apparent diameter of the Sun shows predictable changes in size
c) The sun rises in the east and sets in the west
d) Winter occurs in the Southern Hemisphere at the same time that summer occurs in the Northern

Which statement provides the best evidence that Earth revolves around the sun?
a) The sun rises in the East and sets in the West
b) When it is winter in the northern hemisphere is is summer in the southern hemisphere
c) the stars appear to follow circular paths around the North Star
d) The seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter follow a repeating pattern

The day and the year , as units of time, are based upon the motions of
a) The Earth
b) The Moon
c) The Sun
d) Distant stars

What two things keep Earth in orbit?
a) Gravity and Force
b) Gravity and Inertia
c) Inertia and Mass
d) Distance and Mass

Your mass on Earth is 83 pounds. If you go to the moon where the gravity is 0.10 what will your new mass be?
a) 8.3 pounds
b) 830 pounds
c) 83 pounds
d) 0.83 pounds

What causes tides?
a) the Earth's gravitational pull
b) The Sun's gravitational pull
c) The Moon's gravitational pull
d) Inertia

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