Working With Windows-2nd Grade Question Preview (ID: 56755)

Lesson 2 - 2nd Grade.

It is the pressing of the left mouse button twice within a short interval of time.
a) Single clicking
b) Double clicking
c) Right clicking
d) Wrong clicking

Windows is
a) an Operating System
b) used for opening programs
c) blue bar at the bottom of the desktop
d) the display screen that appears once the computer is switched on

It controls how different parts of a computer work together.
a) Input system
b) Output system
c) Operating system
d) Software system

The button used for opening programs, applications and documents, changing setting and turning off the computer is
a) Shut down button
b) Icon
c) Start button
d) Notification button

Taskbar is the blue bar at the ____________of the desktop.
a) Top
b) Side
c) Middle
d) Bottom

The first screen we see after turning on a computer is
a) Notification Area
b) Desktop
c) Window
d) None of the above

A small picture-like item on a computer screen that you click on to open an application is called
a) Icon
b) Image
c) Bitmap
d) Picture

Starting the Computer system is also called as ________________.
a) Booting
b) Start the computer
c) Begin the computer
d) End the computer

To close the Computer window, click on the ______ button at the upper-right corner.
a) - - button
b) Restore button
c) x - button
d) resize button

Taskbar displays
a) opened applications
b) closed applications

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