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B.A.C refers to??
a) how much of a drug is in the body
b) Blood alcohol concentration
c) how much alcohol is in the body
d) Both 2 and 3

What is addictive chemical found in alcohol?
a) ethyl
b) nicotine
c) tar
d) hops

Drugs are......?
a) Always bad for you
b) Always good for you
c) Can be good as well as bad for you
d) Should not be used

What may happen to someone who drinks too much alcohol?
a) vomit
b) dizzy
c) death
d) all of the above

Which chemicals are found in tobacco?
a) Rat poison
b) nicotine
c) tar
d) all of the above

What type of alcohol is the worst for the human body?
a) beer
b) wine
c) hard alcohol
d) it depends how it is used

What is the best way to quit smoking tobacco?
a) cold turkey
b) the patch
c) chew candy or gum
d) depends on the person

Name the drug that is considered to be a depressant?
a) alcohol
b) caffeine
c) marijiuna
d) tobacco

What would be considered to be second hand smoking?
a) smoking a cigarette
b) breathing in another person's tobacco smoke
c) chewing tobacco
d) smoking a pipe

The only thing that can get rid on alcohol once it enters the bloodstream is.....
a) coffee
b) cold shower
c) time
d) eating food

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