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Fun Learning Activity.

greet customer ______
a) full name
b) middle name
c) not a need
d) last name

Choose the correct magic words
a) sorry; please
b) please; thank you; may I
c) thank you; sorry
d) please; thank you; sorry

neat and tidy appearance
a) grooming
b) clean
c) none of the choices
d) spotless

Word of appreciation
a) thank you
b) welcome
c) happy
d) great

Don't forget to offer further assistance to customer before standard _________
a) opening
b) greetings
c) closing
d) greetings and closing

friendly______ and ________ manner
a) voice; good
b) tone; intimate
c) smile; intimate
d) tone; good

Transform_____ into compliment
a) complaint
b) feedback
c) happy
d) sorry

you can be a customer _____ superhero
a) service
b) complaint
c) feedback
d) dissatisfaction

a) at all time
b) not a need
c) sometimes
d) none of the choices

a) not a need
b) sometimes
c) none of the choices
d) at all time

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