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Alberta Learners Practice.

What must you do when entering, pulling into or changing lanes?
a) ensure road markings and signs allow you to change lanes
b) check all mirriors and blind spots
c) signal and steer into lane safely
d) all of the above

At what speed should you use the 2 second rule for following a vehicle?
a) Any speed
b) 50 km/h
c) 80 km/h
d) 100 km/h

Which way must you turn your wheels when parking uphill without a curb?
a) Turn the front wheels toward the right
b) Turn the front wheels toward the left
c) Keep them straight
d) Don't park uphill

If you approach an intersection that is blocked with traffic what should you do?
a) Stop before entering the intersection
b) Move up so cars behind you can move forward
c) Slowly proceed through the intersection
d) Turn left or right to avoid the heavy traffic back up

When is it illegal to drive your car in reverse?
a) Never
b) On the highway
c) You may never back up into an intersection or a crosswalk.
d) All of the above

What is the correct position of your hands on the wheel?
a) Left hand: 8-9 Right hand: 1 -2
b) Left hand: 9 -10 Right hand: 2 -3
c) Left hand: 7 -8 Right hand: 4 -5
d) It doesn't matter where your hands are placed

What is braking time?
a) It is how long it takes a vehicle to stop from the time brake is first applied until the vehicle stops.
b) how long your skid mark is
c) The times you should brake
d) none of the above

What should you do when you are ready to drive away?
a) Check your path again to be sure that it's clear.
b) Check your mirrors.
c) Shoulder check to be sure your blind spots are clear.
d) All of the above

What do the solid lines mean?
a) Passing or lane changing is not permitted if the solid line is on your side of the roadway.
b) Separates traffic traveling in opposite directions
c) High volume traffic area
d) all of the above

What does an X mean when it is over a driving lane?
a) Bus lane
b) The lane will be used by oncoming traffic so you must not enter or remain in the lane.
c) Do not park
d) Drive slowly

What is an indication that a light is about to turn from green to yellow?
a) If has been a green light for more then 1 minute
b) The presence of a pedestrian signal light changing from walk to don't walk.
c) When other vehicles start to slow down
d) all of the above

What must your blood alcohol level be if you hold a learner's licence?
a) less then 1.0.
b) less than .08.
c) less than .05.
d) 0.0

What does a flashing red light mean?
a) Come to a complete stop then wait for the light to turn green
b) Come to a complete stop
c) Slow down
d) Stop completely and then proceed when safe to do so. Treat like a stop sign.

Are you allowed to turn right on a red light?
a) Yes, after you come to a complete stop
b) No, its illegal
c) Only in cities
d) Yes (unless a sign prohibits the turn), but only after coming to a complete stop and yielding to other traffic.

What are passing or climbing lanes for?
a) They allow for frequent stops and a rest area ahead
b) They are for vehicles that have trouble climbing hills
c) They help thin out traffic by providing an extra lane
d) They allow slower vehicles to move into the right lane so faster ones can pass on the left

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