ES Final - Part 2 Practice - B Question Preview (ID: 56612)

More Practice For Part 2.

Which clastic sedimentary rock could have formed from clay sized particles? (ESRT p 7)
a) conglomerate
b) siltstone
c) sandstone
d) shale

Which metamorphic rock will form from the metamorphism of limestone? (ESRT p 7)
a) quartzite
b) metaconclomerate
c) marble
d) schist

A mafic igneous rock is most likely to be relatively (ESRT p 6)
a) high in density and dark in color
b) high in density and light in color
c) low in density and dark in color
d) low in density and low in color

Which surface feature was produced by crustal movements at a convergent plate boundary? (ESRT p. 5)
a) East African Rift
b) Aleutian Trench
c) Tasman Hot Spot
d) San Andreas Fault

On which plate is the Yellowstone Hot Spot located? (ESRT p. 5)
a) Pacific
b) Antarctic
c) Nazca
d) North American

From a depth of 3000 km, what is the pressure in million atmospheres? (ESRT p. 10)
a) 0
b) 1.5
c) 3
d) 4

From a depth of 5000 km, what is the temperature? (ESRT p. 10)
a) 1.5°C
b) 3000°C
c) 6300°C
d) 5000°C

Which part of Earth's interior is inferred to have convection currents (circulating energy )that cause tectonic plates to move? (ESRT p. 10)
a) rigid mantle
b) asthenosphere
c) outer core
d) inner core

Earth's outer core and inner core are composed (made up) of (ESRT p. 10)
a) silica and aluminum
b) iron and magnesium
c) granite and basalt
d) iron and nickel

Which is the smallest equatorial diameter in our solar system? (ESRT p.15)
a) Mercury
b) Jupiter
c) Saturn
d) Uranus

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