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What is the energy of motion called?
a) chemical energy
b) kinetic energy
c) elastic potential energy
d) gravitational potential energy

What is the direct and indirect source of most energy resources?
a) Geothermal energy
b) solar energy
c) wind energy
d) potential energy

When a person rubs his hands together on a cold day, friction is being used to convert
a) mechanical to thermal energy
b) thermal to nuclear energy
c) nuclear to electrical energy
d) electrical to thermal energy

Heated air moves from hot-air vents to the rest of a room in a process called
a) conduction
b) radiation
c) convection
d) insulation

Besides water vapor, what must be present for clouds to form?
a) sunlight
b) a strong wind
c) particles of salt, dust or smoke
d) dew

A carbon dioxide (CO2) molecule is made up of
a) two carbon atoms bonded to one oxygen atom
b) two oxygen atoms bonded to one carbon atom
c) one carbon atom bonded to two oxygen
d) two carbons joined together

Because burning fossil fuels creates much pollution, alternatives are being investigated. What might limit the use of wind as a major resource?
a) Wind machines have huge blads to capture the wind.
b) Wind power does not create pollution.
c) Turbines and generators in the wind machines create electricity.
d) The amount of wind can vary.

Which is the chemical break-up of H2O?
a) H+ H+ O-
b) H+ H- O-
c) H- H- O-
d) H- O+ H+

Which is not a fossil fuel?
a) nuclear
b) petroleum
c) coal
d) oil

Uneven heating of the air near Earth's surface causes
a) wind
b) rain
c) cloud formation
d) ice storms

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