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Final Review: All Units.

Patterns of high population density have most often been associated with
a) elevations above 10,000 feet
b) regions with dense tropical vegetation
c) areas receiving less than 10 inches of rainfall per year
d) access to waterways and transportation systems

Which trade route linked the Byzantine Empire and Kievan Russia to China?
a) Silk Road
b) Pacific Ocean
c) Baltic Sea
d) Yellow Sea

Which social scientists focus their studies on scarcity, resources, and profit motives?
a) archaeologists
b) economists
c) historians
d) sociologists

A geographer attempts to understand and interpret patterns and processes primarily by
a) examining political theories
b) authenticating oral histories
c) studying supply and demand models
d) analyzing spatial data at different scales

Which region was the birthplace of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Hinduism?
a) Africa
b) Europe
c) Asia
d) South America

Which factor most influenced the construction of semipermanent settlements during the Neolithic period?
a) production of surplus food
b) drawings on cave walls
c) ability to harness fire
d) introduction of fishing nets

Which statement about the Gupta Empire is a fact rather than an opinion?
a) India’s strongest leaders came from the Gupta Empire.
b) The Gupta Empire developed advancements in the areas of mathematics and science.
c) The achievements of the Gupta Empire surpassed those of the Tang dynasty in China.
d) Gupta paintings found on the walls of the Ajanta caves were superior to the art produced during the Mauryan Empire.

What was a major contribution of the Byzantine Empire?
a) adoption of democratic ideas from Russia
b) spread of humanism and secularism across Europe
c) reunification of eastern and western Christendom
d) preservation of Greek and Roman culture

A major reason the Renaissance began in the Italian city-states was their
a) military success against the Seljuk Turks
b) access to goods from the Americas
c) location on the Mediterranean Sea
d) dependence on the teachings of the Catholic Church

What was one reason China ended overseas exploration after the death of Zheng He in 1433?
a) China’s fleet of ships was destroyed by European navies.
b) Tribute payments to the Japanese shogunate drained the Ming treasury.
c) The Ming dynasty ended the authority of Confucian scholars.
d) The Chinese government decided to focus its efforts on internal affairs.

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