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Practice Calculating Mass Using F=ma; Review The SI Units For Force, Mass And Acceleration.

What units are equivalent to the Newton?
a) kg m/s
b) kg m/s^2
c) g m/s^2
d) kg m/s^3

What is the SI unit for mass?
a) kg
b) g
c) pound
d) ounce

What is the SI unit for accleration?
a) m/s^2
b) m/s
c) m/s in a particular direction
d) kg m/s^2

Calculate force: mass = 10 kg; acceleration = 5 m/s^2
a) 2 N
b) 50 N
c) 0.5 N
d) 50 kg m/s

calculate force: mass = 15 kg; acceleration = 2 m/s^2
a) 30 N
b) 30 kg m/s
c) 7.5 N
d) 15 M

Calculate Force: mass = 100 kg; acceleration = 10 m/s^2
a) 1000 N
b) 1000 Nm
c) 10 N
d) 0.01 N

Calculate Force: mass = 20 Kg; acceleration = 10 m/s^2
a) 200 N
b) 2 N
c) 0.5 N
d) 20 N

Calculate Force: m= 25 kg; acceleration = 5 m/s^2
a) 125 N
b) 100 N
c) 5 N
d) 25 N

kg m/s^2 is equivalent to the
a) N
b) J
c) W
d) g

Calculate Force: m= 40 kg; a = 4 m/s^2
a) 160 N
b) 10 N
c) 0.1 N
d) 40 N

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