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an insurance program that helps you if you are hurt at work
a) lawyer
b) worker's compensation
c) State Farm
d) life insurance

something the law says you should have
a) right
b) good time
c) job
d) money

the part of the government that sets safety rules and inspects workplaces
a) President Obama
b) federal government
c) Department of Labor

anything that might harm someone
a) too much coffee
b) hazard
c) danger
d) cafeteria food

all the objects, such as machines and tools, that you need to do a job
a) equipment
b) hammers
c) junk
d) pens and pencils

the conditions in which you spend your workday
a) hot conditions
b) safety conditions
c) working condition
d) inside a building

a container of chemicals that will put out a small fire
a) cup of water
b) fire extinguisher
c) fire axe
d) firemen

a large and dangerous amount of electricity
a) high voltage
b) your friend
c) RTK label
d) ventilation

a document that describes a chemical and how to handle it
a) RTK label
b) warning note
c) stop sign

fresh air flowing into a closed space
a) ceiling fan
b) ventilation
c) air freshner
d) flammable

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