CASE 4 QUIZ Question Preview (ID: 56495)

This Quiz Is The Test On The Understandings Regarding The Case 4.

What is the meaning of shaper of society stances
a) Go beyond the requirement of government
b) Go againts the requirement of government
c) Follow the requirement of government
d) Do not take the requirement into consideration

When CDL was founded?
a) 1997
b) 1969
c) 1963
d) 2005

What is the purpose founded a CDL?
a) To be corporate company that become leader in CSR
b) To become funding member in BCSD in Singapore
c) To promote a sustainability in Singapore
d) Acquiring, developing and selling property

What is one of the issue and question arise by Esthern An?
a) Why Singapore government imposed sustainability requirement
b) How they maintain their vision and mission
c) How they can achieve more awards
d) How would they influence stakeholders to adopt sustainability best practices?

What tools can be used under stakeholder theory?
a) BCG matrix
b) Mendelow matrix
c) Maslow hierarchy needs
d) Porter 5 Forces

What is one of the components under Carroll CSR pyramid?
a) Profit
b) Economic
c) Responsibility
d) Stakeholders

What is the solution for CDL issue arise?
a) Strengthen the CDL communication channel
b) Partner up with social industry or influencers regarding the sustainability
c) Coorperate with CDL competitors
d) Strengthen fully engagement with stakeholders

What is the theory use in CDL case?
a) Carroll CSR pyramid,Shareholder theory,Stakeholder theory
b) Stakeholder theory,Shaper of society stances,CSR approach
c) Carroll CSR pyramid,Stakeholder theory,Shaper of society stances
d) Harrod-Domar growth moder,Stakeholder theory,Carroll CSR pyramid

What is the case about?
a) Sustainability
b) Corporate governance
c) Audit
d) Tax planning

Who is the main character in CDL case?
a) William Sam
b) Esther An
c) Singapore Government
d) Christie Lee

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