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Which term defines the colors used in the CMYK color System? (pg 132)
a) spot colors
b) primary colors
c) process colors
d) basic colors

The series of dots or periods that proceed from the end of the topic description in a table of contents to the page where the topic can be found are referred to as _____? (pg 149)
a) leaders
b) topic trails
c) content guides
d) trackers

Which term refers to a color where the ink for that color is premixed before the printing process begins? (pg 132)
a) process color
b) artificial color
c) spot color
d) shelf color

What do you call the area of a piece of stationary where the name, address, and other information about a company or individual is printer? (pg 151)
a) masthead
b) letterhead
c) prelude
d) preamble

What type of effect do you apply when you add shading to one side of the outer edge of an object to create an illusion of depth to the object? (pg 138)
a) shadow effect
b) lighting effect
c) perspective effect
d) distorition effect

Which term is also used in desktop publishing to mean color? (pg 131)
a) tone
b) gradient
c) scope
d) hue

Some desktop publishing programs have dialog boxes for applying drop caps that can be accessed from the Format menu, others use a ___ which is usually found on the Utilitize menu.
a) Plug-in
b) Cap Wizard
c) Text Wizard
d) Style panel

Which item is an option that most desktop publishing programs will allow you to adjust when adding a 3-D effect to an object? (pg 138)
a) depth
b) tilt
c) lighting
d) all of the above

What name is used to describe a decorative effect for text where the first letter of a paragraph is much larger than the other characters in the paragraph? (pg 140)
a) super cap
b) drop cap
c) super script
d) masthead

Although it varies by desktop publishing program, what type of dialog box or tool would you normally use to apply a pattern or a gradient to an object? (pg136)
a) Special Effects
b) Color Effects
c) Fill Effects
d) Object Wizard

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