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Why was the United States trying to protect business interests in Cuba?
a) We were worried about our sugar plantations there.
b) We were worried about our pineapple plantations there.
c) We wanted to start an agricultural program in Cuba.
d) We wanted to hire Cuban workers to run our farms.

All of the following became America’s possessions EXCEPT--
a) Puerto Rico
b) Guam
c) Philippines
d) Cuba

One result of the Spanish American War was that the United States —
a) gained control of Mexico
b) became a world power
c) adopted a containment policy
d) became allied with Russia

Which of the following BEST describes the cause of the explosion aboard the United States battleship Maine?
a) It was a Cuban rebel bomb.
b) It was a secret Spanish attack.
c) It remains a mystery to this day.
d) It is now known to have been an American plot.

What did John Hay mean when he called the Spanish-American War “a splendid little war”?
a) Battles took place only on the island of Cuba.
b) The only battles took place on the Philippine Islands.
c) The war lasted several years and included several major battles.
d) The United States won a quick and relatively easy victory.

Which of the following was NOT a factor that led Americans to call for war with Spain?
a) sensational stories in the “yellow press”
b) sympathy for the Cuban freedom movement
c) a dispute over southwestern lands
d) the explosion aboard the battleship Maine

Which event immediately followed the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine?
a) Cuban independence
b) Filipino uprising
c) Cuba declares war on the U.S.
d) United States declares war on Spain

What conclusion can you draw from the United States' involvement in the Spanish-America War?
a) Money (economic interests) and public opinion often determine whether we enter a conflict.
b) Businessmen and businesses argued against the war.
c) The media (newspapers) opposed the war.
d) The President declared war without the backing of the people of the United States

In what year did the Spanish-American War take place?
a) 1898
b) 1900
c) 1901
d) 1899

America won the Spanish-American War in---
a) two months
b) four months
c) three years
d) one year

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