Alabama Science Studies-Body Systems Question Preview (ID: 56407)

Life Science, Week 8, Body Systems.

How many bones form the adult skeletal system?
a) 103
b) 197
c) 206
d) 270

Which systems work together?
a) the digestive system and the muscular system
b) the skeletal system and the circulatory system
c) the muscular system and the nervous system
d) all of the systems work together

Gertrude B. Elion is best known for
a) trying to understand how the human body works
b) finding ways to treat many serious diseases
c) her work in chemistry
d) her work in biology

Which of the following is not a system of the body?
a) muscular system
b) nervous system
c) worried system
d) digestive system

What body parts are made of tissues that can contract and then relax back to normal size?
a) muscles
b) bones
c) ligaments
d) tendons

Which system is packed neatly between your head and your hips (more than 25 feet long)?
a) digestive system
b) nervous system
c) circulatory system
d) skeletal system

What is the name of the long tube in the digestive system that connects the mouth to the stomach?
a) ligaments
b) small intestine
c) tendon
d) esophagus

What system is made up of blood vessels?
a) skeletal system
b) circulatory/cardiovascular system
c) digestive system
d) nervous system

About how many feet of blood vessels do you have in your body?
a) about 10 feet
b) about 20 feet
c) about 30 feet
d) about 40 feet

One example of how your body systems work together is: The ______ system helps push food through the ____ system.
a) respiratory, digestive
b) circulatory, digestive
c) muscular, digestive
d) skeletal, digestive

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