Korean War Question Preview (ID: 56404)

Students Will Identify Key People And Events Associated With The Korean War.

Who led the attack at the battle of Inchon
a) Macarthur
b) Ridgway
c) Truman
d) Eisenhower

Who became the president after Truman?
a) Eisenhower
b) Ridgway
c) Stalin
d) MacArthur

What year did the Korean War end?
a) 1953
b) 1935
c) 2001
d) 1853

How many civilians or people outside the military lost their lives during the Korean War?
a) 2 million
b) 500,000
c) 50
d) 2,000

Who was the leader of North Korea during the war?
a) Kim Il Sung
b) Syngman Rhee
c) Aldolf Hitler
d) Dwight Eisenhower

North and South Korean are divided at the _________ parallel
a) 38th
b) 19th
c) 83th
d) 10th

Who came to the aid of SOUTH Korea during the war?
a) United States
b) The Soviet Union
c) China
d) Africa

What type of government would you find in NORTH Korea?
a) Communism
b) Capitalism
c) Democracy
d) Socialism

What did President Truman consider using against North Korea during the war?
a) nuclear weapons
b) airplanes
c) tanks
d) bombs

On July 17, 1953 President Eisenhower help to negotiate a peace ___________ between North and South Korea.
a) treaty
b) paper
c) law
d) reminder

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