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Which word does not belong?
a) wood
b) coal
c) natural gas
d) oil

Which word does not belong?
a) acid rain
b) ultraviolet radiation
c) CFC's
d) ozone layer

Which does not describe hydroelectric power?
a) causes pollution
b) renewable
c) destroys habitats
d) dams

Which word does not belong?
a) oil
b) wood
c) water
d) wind

Which word does not belong?
a) renewables
b) pollution
c) burning fossil fuels
d) acid rain

Which statement does not belong?
a) salinity increases
b) global warming
c) sea level increases
d) ice caps melt

Which does not belong?
a) waste products
b) little or no pollution
c) not reliable source of energy
d) wind energy

Which word does not belong?
a) nuclear waste
b) pollution
c) acid rain
d) fossils fuels

Which is least harmful to the environment?
a) solar power
b) hydroelectric power
c) burning fossil fuels
d) nuclear power

Which resource is not abundantly found in Viriginia?
a) oil
b) gravel
c) limestone
d) coal

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