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heated water can be a pollutant
a) by raising the temperature above the tolerance of organisms
b) all of the answers are correct
c) by attracting manatees
d) by causing the ocean to evaporate and become a desert

the sources of heated water that can affect the marine environment include
a) power plant cooling
c) all of the answers are correct
d) industrial discharges

plastics enter the marine environment primarily by
a) washing out of landfills
b) none of the answers are correct
c) being dumped or lost there
d) debris carried in runoff

plastic is a hazard in the environment because
a) its ugly
c) it is biodegradable
d) animals mistake it for food and it traps and entangles animals

spoil and industrial solid waste damage marine communities by
a) burying them
b) all of the answers are correct
c) clogging feeding and respiratory organs
d) carrying toxins

pollution costs the average US citizen about _ annualyy
a) $100
b) $10000
c) $1000
d) $500

the coastal zone management act preserves coastal resources by
a) forcing states to limit coastal development
b) providing economic incentives for states to preserve coastal resources
c) requiring the US Navy to patrol the coast
d) taxing the destruction of coast development

the marine protection research and sanctuaries act granted the US government the power to
a) designate coastal zones for research protection and recreation
b) none of the answers are correct
c) nothing, because the act did not pass
d) conduct research on whether sanctuaries would do anything

the 1972 ocean dumping convention resulted in agreements on
a) restrictions on dumping non biodegradable plastics at sea
b) establishing marine reserves
c) how much nuclear waste could be dumped
d) all of the answers are correct

two conventions in 1973 that addressed pollution released by ships were
a) the ocean dumping convention and marine sanctuaries act
b) the marine pollution convention and the coastal zone management act
c) the marine pollution convention and the international convention for the prevention of pollution
d) none of the answers are correct

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