EOCA Semester 2 (5-18-2021) Question Preview (ID: 56381)


To perform photosynthesis plants need sunlight, water, and …
a) nitrogen
b) carbon dioxide
c) oxygen
d) hydrogen

What is NOT a root function in plants?
a) to absorb water
b) to store food
c) to anchor plants
d) to produce food

Which is NOT a way that angiosperms are useful to people?
a) as a source of food
b) as a source of clothing
c) as a source of medicine
d) as a major source of fertilizer

How are angiosperms different from gymnosperms?
a) Angiosperms produce fruits.
b) Angiosperms produce seeds.
c) Angiosperms do not produce pollen
d) Gymnosperms do not produce pollen

A flower’s female reproductive parts are called
a) sepals
b) pistils
c) filaments
d) anthers

All plants are
a) eukaryotes.
b) unicellular.
c) heterotrophs.
d) prokaryotes.

The reproductive structures of most gymnosperms are called
a) pollen.
b) ovules.
c) cones.
d) sperm cells.

Viruses are considered to be nonliving because they
a) do not show all the characteristics of life.
b) cannot multiply
c) use energy to grow.
d) are smaller than bacteria.

Which shape describes some bacterial cells?
a) cube-shaped
b) bullet-shaped
c) spiral
d) robotlike

Binary fission is the bacterial process of
a) asexual reproduction.
b) obtaining food
c) producing energy
d) forming endospores

What do fungi have in common with animals?
a) They have cell walls
b) They are heterotrophs
c) They are autotrophs.
d) They use spores to reproduce.

An organism’s scientific name consists of
a) its kingdom name and its phylum name.
b) its class name and its family name.
c) its genus name and its species name.
d) its phylum name and its species name.

Which domain(s) include(s) only prokaryotes?
a) Bacteria and Archaea
b) Bacteria only
c) Archaea only
d) Eukarya only

What is taxonomy?
a) the scientific study of how living things are classified
b) the name of Aristotle’s classification system
c) the process used by geologists to classify rocks
d) the process of observing an organism’s behavior

An animal that has a backbone is called a(n)
a) cnidarian
b) predator
c) vertebrate
d) invertebrate

Which of these animals has radial symmetry?
a) a sea anemone
b) a butterfly
c) a rabbit
d) a fish

The process by which a new organism forms from the joining of an egg cell and a sperm cell is called
a) asexual reproduction.
b) sexual reproduction
c) adaptation
d) budding

Major functions of animals include obtaining food and oxygen, keeping internal conditions stable, movement, and
a) adaptation.
b) reproduction.
c) classification.
d) fertilization.

A balanced arrangement of parts is called
a) radiality.
b) asymmetry.
c) symmetry.
d) bilaterality.

Which characteristic is NOT common to all arthropods?
a) a segmented body
b) an external skeleton
c) jointed appendages
d) a backbone

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