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Middle School - Scientific Tools.

Which tool helps you observe something very small?
a) a calculator
b) tongs
c) a Petri dish
d) a microscope

Which of the following tools is NOT used for measurement?
a) a meter stick
b) a flask
c) a graduated cylinder
d) a thermometer

A test tube can be used to hold
a) more concentrated solutions than a beaker holds.
b) larger amounts of chemicals than a beaker holds.
c) smaller amounts of chemicals than a beaker holds.
d) less dangerous substances than a beaker holds.

A triple beam balance measures the _____ of an object in _____.
a) mass, grams
b) volume, liters
c) temperature, Fahrenheit
d) length,meters

Jeremiah is heating a test tube in a lab. Which tool is he most likely using?
a) a Bunsen burner
b) a calculator
c) a beaker
d) a Petri dish

When his lab partner takes out a graduated cylinder to pour a specific amount of liquid, Ethan reminds him to be careful for the curve at the top of the liquid. This curve is also known as the ___.
a) stopper
b) meniscus
c) beam
d) Erlenmeyer

Jabez is using tongs to carefully lift and move a beaker. What most likely happened before Jabez moved the beaker?
a) The beaker broke and shattered.
b) The contents of the beaker spilled.
c) The beaker was heated.
d) The beaker was emptied and cleaned

Michael is mixing a solution in the science lab. To stir it, he should
a) use his finger
b) put a stopper on the beaker and shake it
c) use tongs
d) use a stirring rod

Which of the following tools would a scientist use to determine the temperature of a solution?
a) a graduated cylinder
b) a thermometer
c) a balance
d) a stopper

Which of the following tools would a biologist use to grow bacteria?
a) a Bunsen burner
b) a flask
c) a slide
d) a Petri dish

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