South East Asia Question Preview (ID: 56363)


Christianity is the main religion here
a) Philippines
b) cambodia
c) indonesia
d) Myanmar

The main religion for most of S.E. Asia is
a) islam
b) judaism
c) hindu
d) buddhism

this country has over 17,000 islands
a) Malaysia
b) Indonesia
c) Philippines
d) Laos

You could see the Plain of Jars
a) Laos
b) Indonesia
c) Italy
d) Vietnam

the famous Angkor Watt Buddhist temple is located in
a) Vietnam
b) Philippines
c) Cambodia
d) Laos

Floating markets are found in
a) Vietnam
b) Cambodia
c) Thailand
d) Philippines

This is the only landlocked country in S.E. Asia
a) Singapore
b) Malaysia
c) Indonesia
d) Laos

Girls stretch their necks using metal rings in
a) Indonesia
b) Cambodia
c) Myanmar
d) Singapore

this country is under military rule
a) Myanmar
b) Laos
c) Philipines
d) vietnam

the main crop in Myanmar is
a) corn
b) rice
c) chicken
d) green beans

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