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Geoffrey is a lab technician and earns $9.65 per hour. What are his wages for 40 hours?
a) $385.20
b) $385.00
c) $465.00
d) $386.00

Estimate Geoffrey's annual wages, based on 50 weeks.
a) $19,300.20
b) $19,300.00
c) $19,100.20
d) $18,320.00

Wanda works as an electrician with the Duke Energy. She earns $17.25 per hour with time and a half after 40 hours. If she works 44 hours M-F, how much will she earn?
a) $793.20
b) $792.00
c) $794.00
d) $793.52

One day Wanda works from 8 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. , lunches until 1:30, and then works until 5:30 P.M. How many hours did she work?
a) 10 Hours
b) 9 Hours
c) 9 Hours and 30 minutes
d) 11 Hours

Paul receives 89 cents for every radio he wires at Benton Electronics. How much will he earn if he completes the wiring on 128 radios?
a) $112.00
b) $113.82
c) $113.92
d) $113.29

Round $18.937 to the nearest cent.
a) $19.00
b) $18.93
c) $18.94
d) $18.90

Round $138.026 to the nearest dollar.
a) $138.00
b) $139.00
c) $137.00
d) 138.03

What is the annual salary for someone who earns a biweekly salary of $927.00.
a) $35.65
b) $22,248.00
c) $11,124.00
d) $24,102.00

Change these percents to decimals. 6%
a) .06
b) .60
c) .006
d) 000.066

Change these percents to decimals. 19%
a) 0.019
b) .19
c) .0019
d) 1.9

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