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Which statement describes why the Earth has seasons?
a) Its axis is tilted as it revolves around the sun
b) The sun\'s axis is tilted
c) The moon revolves around it
d) The distance changes as it revolves around the sun

Solar Eclipses rarely occur because
a) The moon usually travels directly between Earth and the sun
b) the moon is too close to the Earth
c) the moon usually travels directly behind Earth
d) the moon's orbit is tilted in relation to the Earth's orbit

Which force pulls the planets of the solar system towards the sun?
a) nuclear
b) electromagnetic
c) gravitational
d) centripetal

How is Saturn different from Earth?
a) Saturn is smaller than Earth.
b) Earth is made mostly of rock, while Saturn is made mostly of gas.
c) Earth has a moon, while Saturn does not have any moons
d) Saturn is closer to the Sun than Earth.

The average temperature in Atlanta in June is 25 C, but the average temperature in December is 7 C. Why is the average temperature in Atlanta higher in June than in December?
a) The Sun is hotter during June than it is during December.
b) The atmosphere in Atlanta absorbs more heat from sunlight in June than in December.
c) Earth\'s axis is tilted so that Atlanta gets more direct sunlight in June than in December.
d) Earth is closer to the Sun in June than it is during December.

If the moon is located between the Earth and Sun, then what moon phase would we be having?
a) new
b) gibbous
c) quarter
d) full

Which planet has gases, land masses, and large amounts of surface water?
a) Mercury
b) Mars
c) Earth
d) Venus

Which change would result in the same season year-round, everywhere on Earth
a) Earth moving at least twice as fast in its orbit as it does now.
b) Changing Earth\'s orbit so it would always be the same distance from the Sun
c) Straightening the tilt of Earth\'s axis to be 90 degrees to the plane of Earth\'s orbit
d) Enlarging the diameter of Earth\'s orbit until it is much farther from the Sun

Judy was learning about an object in the Solar System that is made of frozen gases and solid rock. Which of these objects was she learning about?
a) a star
b) an asteroid
c) a meteor
d) a comet

Why is Venus always near the Sun when viewed from Earth?
a) Venus orbits Earth, which orbits the Sun.
b) Venus is visible only when its orbit gets close to the Sun.
c) Venus's orbit is closer to the Sun than Earth's orbit.
d) Venus orbits the Sun, which orbits Earth.

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