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Light can be broken up into its different colors by a(n)
a) spectrometer
b) parallax
c) optical telescope
d) flame test

A very distant, star-like object that gives off enormous amounts of radio waves and x-rays is called a
a) neutron
b) protostar
c) quasar
d) pulsar

The color of a star is an indicator of its
a) size
b) composition
c) magnitude
d) surface temperature

Planets revolve around the sun in a(n) _______ path
a) circular
b) spiral
c) elliptical
d) irregular

The smallest planet
a) Pluto
b) Mercury
c) Earth
d) Jupiter

A pattern of stars is called a
a) star cluster
b) constellation
c) galaxy
d) nebulae

The solar system was formed from a(n)
a) comet
b) protoplanet
c) nebula
d) asteroid

The law that states that an object's motion will not change unless it is acted upon is called
a) gravity
b) elliptical motion
c) inertia
d) force

The common element in stars is
a) helium
b) hydrogen
c) carbon
d) iron

A solar storm that appears as a bright loop of gas is called a
a) solar winds
b) solar flare
c) prominence
d) sunspot

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