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The asteriod belt is located
a) around the planets
b) near the earth only
c) between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter
d) Between the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn

A planet with retrograde motion
a) Jupiter
b) Mercury
c) Pluto
d) Venus

A new star is called a
a) nova
b) main-sequence star
c) giant star
d) protostar

The point in orbit where the planet is closest to the sun is called
a) apogee
b) perihelion
c) aphelion
d) perigee

The North Star is also called
a) Polaris
b) Rigel
c) Antares
d) Van Maanen's

On a Hertsprung and Russell diagram, most stars are
a) giants
b) white dwarfs
c) main-sequence
d) super giants

The name of the current theory that suggest how the universe was formed
a) Nebular Theory
b) Theory of Relative
c) Big Bang
d) Theory of Convection

The outermost layer of the sun's atmosphere
a) chromosphere
b) core
c) corona
d) magnetosphere

The shape of the Milky Way galaxy is
a) elliptical
b) irregular
c) globular
d) spiral

The main factor that shapes the life cycle of a star is its
a) mass
b) color
c) composition
d) magnitude

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