PS Unit 4 Quiz 2 Review Question Preview (ID: 55988)

Ody Review.

If you place your cold hand on a warm furnace, it becomes warm due to
a) conduction
b) convection
c) not this one
d) radiation

High air pressure means that the air is
a) don't pick this one
b) not this one
c) warmer and lighter
d) colder and heavier

Moisture in the air, also known as ______, is regularly found near bodies of water.
a) aridity
b) humidity
c) particulates
d) latent heat

What is used to measure air pressure?
a) Hydrometer
b) Tiltmeter
c) Barometer
d) Thermometer

Air that comes in from the ocean during the day is usually
a) cooler than the air on land
b) warmer than the air on land
c) drier than the air on land
d) the same temperature as the air on land

Nitrogen and carbon are important to life because
a) they are needed for cellular growth
b) they're needed to breathe
c) they have strong bonds
d) they produce water

Water vapor holds in heat and distributes it during which cycle?
a) nitrogen
b) carbon-oxygen
c) phosphorus
d) water

Our atmosphere is the largest
a) reservoir of liquid water on Earth
b) sphere of Earth
c) transport and distribution system on Earth
d) atmosphere compared to other planets

Without the carbon-oxygen cycle,
a) most life would not exist
b) meteorites would hit Earth
c) plants wouldn't receive nitrates
d) water vapor would not cycle

If you climb a ladder and hold your hands in the warm air rising from the furnace, they become warm due to
a) conduction
b) convection
c) not this one
d) condensation

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