Australia: Government And Civics Understandings Question Preview (ID: 55982)

Australia: Government And Civics Understandings.

Australia recognizes the monarch of the United Kingdom (Queen Elizabeth II) as its symbolic/ceremonial __________.
a) head of government
b) head of state
c) president
d) governor general

In Australia, the prime minister is considered the _____________.
a) head of state
b) governor general
c) president
d) head of government

Australians aged 18 and older are required __________.
a) to have a job
b) to adopt a kangaroo
c) to vote
d) to drive

Australia’s citizens do not vote directly on, but entrust the selection of the country’s _______ to the national parliament’s leading political party.
a) president
b) governor
c) prime minister
d) secretary

Australians elect _________ to represent them both at the provincial/territorial and national levels.
a) senators
b) members of parliament (MPs)
c) members of congress
d) lords

In terms of citizen participation, Australia is an example of what type of government?
a) parliamentary democracy
b) presidential democracy
c) absolute monarchy
d) mixed market system

Australia recognizes the monarch of the United Kingdom as its head of state because Australia is a former British __________.
a) continent
b) city
c) colony
d) parish

The interests of the British monarch are represented in Australia by a _________, who is chosen based on the recommendation of the Australian prime minister.
a) president
b) MP
c) senator
d) governor-general

This is the common name given to the legislature in a parliamentary democracy.
a) congress
b) parliament
c) Bundestad
d) assembly

Australia is a ______ because a monarch is the ceremonial head of state, but the country must follow a constitution.
a) federation
b) presidential democracy
c) Bundestad
d) constitutional monarchy

Australia is divided into these political divisions similar to states.
a) provinces and territories
b) parishes and cantons
c) sovereigns and domestics
d) divisions and units

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