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Which of the following best explains the purpose of early European jails?
a) To provide a living space for offenders with long-term or life sentencesq
b) To hold trials and court hearings
c) To provide temporary holding places for slaves, debtors, diseased people, and pre-trial offenders
d) To carry out the death penalty

What was the main purpose of early European punishment?
a) To cause humiliation
b) To kill
c) To get revenge
d) To inflict pain

Early European punishment was aimed at a person's:
a) Reputation
b) Body and property
c) Family
d) Friends

Why was early European punishment carried out publicly?
a) To cause humiliation to the offender
b) To deter others from committing crime
c) None of the above
d) Both of the above

Which of the following is a form of corporal punishment?
a) Beheading
b) Branding
c) Crucifixion
d) Boiling and burning

Which of the following is a form of capital punishment?
a) Beheading
b) Flogging
c) Stocks and pillories
d) Branding

The punishment that requires an offender to leave the community and live elsewhere is called:
a) Transportation
b) Stocks and pillories
c) Workhouses
d) Banishment

The punishment that sends an offender from their home nation's to other colonies to work is called:
a) Transportation
b) Stocks and pillories
c) Workhouses
d) Banishment

Which of the following forerunners of punishment is most closely related to our modern-day U.S. prison system?
a) Banishment
b) Stocks and pillories
c) Workhouses
d) Transportation

Which of the reformists below believed that changes in corrections should start with the design of the prisons?
a) Cesare Beccaria
b) Jeremy Bentham
c) King Henry
d) John Howard

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