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Which of the following elements are most likely to form a covalent bond
a) aluminum and oxygen
b) nitrogen and oxygen
c) iron and oxygen
d) sodium and oxygen

Which is a covalent conmpound
a) CO
b) NaCl
c) BaO
d) Kf

Which is the best description of a covalent bond
a) sharing of electrons between nonmetals
b) sharing of electrons between two metals
c) transfer of electrons between a metal and a nonmetal
d) transfer of electrons between two nonmetals

Which element will lose electrons and have a positive charge
a) Na
b) Cl
c) O
d) S

Which element will gain electrons and have a negative charge
a) Cl
b) Na
c) Ba
d) Al

Which element will have a 3+ charge when it forms an ion
a) Al
b) Mg
c) N
d) O

Which element will have a 2- charge when it forms an ion
a) O
b) Cl
c) Na
d) Mg

Which element will most likely gain electrons when forming an ion?
a) Cl
b) Mg
c) Fe
d) Al

Which is the best description of metals
a) Mostly solids with high melting points
b) Mostly solids with low melting points
c) Mostly gases with low melting points
d) Mostly gases with high melting points

Which of the following is most like to form a metallic bond
a) Ag
b) NaCl
c) CO
d) BaO

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