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Planet with the red spot
a) Saturn
b) Jupiter
c) Earth
d) Mars

Big Bear and Orion are examples of
a) star cluster
b) nebulae
c) galaxies
d) constellations

A rocky object from space that has struck the earth's surface is called
a) meteor
b) asteroid
c) meteorite
d) meteoroid

Identify the correct sequence of stellar evolution
a) nebula, red giant, protostar, main sequence
b) main sequence, protostar, nebula, red giant
c) protostar, main sequence, nebula, red giant
d) nebula, protostar, main sequence, red giant

The brightness of a star is called
a) blue shift
b) magnitude
c) velocity
d) background radiation

The moons of planets are called
a) satellites
b) comets
c) protoplanets
d) asteroids

The outer
a) Jupiter
b) Uranus
c) Saturn
d) Pluto

An exploding star is called
a) nova
b) pulsar
c) big bang
d) quasar

Where does a comet's tail point
a) parallel to the sun
b) away from the sun
c) perpendicular to the sun
d) toward the sun

The hottest stars are what color
a) red
b) blue
c) orange
d) yellow

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