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Western Expansion.[print questions]

What did Thomas Jefferson ask Lewis and Clark to find?
a) Gold in California
b) New Spain
c) Louisiana
d) A water route from the east coast to the Pacific Ocean

What did Thomas Jefferson do to increase the size of the United States?
a) Louisiana Purchase
b) British Compact
c) Spanish Purchase
d) French Purchase

What was Clark's first name?
a) Meriwether
b) Thomas
c) William
d) Zebulon

What was Lewis's first name?
a) Meriwether
b) Thomas
c) William
d) Zebulon

What city did Lewis and Clark leave from and return to?
a) Boston
b) Houston
c) Atlanta
d) St Louis

Which of these did Jefferson NOT ask Lewis and Clark to do?
a) Gather information about the landforms, plants, animals, and climates of the West
b) Study the cultures of the western indians
c) Find Spanish Florida
d) Explore the Missouri and Columbia rivers

Each person in the Corps of Discovery earned what at the end of the mission?
a) 400 acres of land and $15 a month
b) 200 pieces of gold
c) A new horse
d) $300 a month and 15 acres of land

What does an interpreter like Sacagawea do?
a) Find new ways to travel
b) Someone who helps speakers of different languages understand each other
c) Trade supplies with other people
d) Journey west

Lewis and Clark kept detailed ___________ about their journey.
a) Journals
b) Tasks
c) Problems
d) Conclusions

Lewis and Clark corps traveled about ________ miles.
a) 800
b) 8 million
c) 8,000
d) 8

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